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Yosemite NP

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12:41 pm
February 25, 2011




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We are planning a tip to Yosemite soon.  We are driving a 2004 GMC Safari  pulling a Sportmen Classic 14RK.  Any info you have, like what are the best campsgrounds to stay in to see the most sites. Has anyone taken the tours?  Should I buy a Yosemite guide?  We are planning to visit the np for 2 weeks. As you can tell we've never been there, so any help would be great


has aynyone

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8:11 pm
February 25, 2011

Mike Magee

near Tulsa OK


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Wow, 2 weeks at Yosemite!  Sounds grand!

I visited Yosemite briefly about 3.5 years ago.  Company meeting in Vegas in July, so I flew in 4 days early, rented a Rav-4 and drove to Yosemite.  I had a big suitcase filled with tent, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.  One partial day driving close to the park, two days & one night in the park, then a day back to Vegas.  The whirlwind tour!  It was really great and I got some nice photos. 

The only thing I didn't like was being woke up at 5:30 am in the Hodgdon Meadow CG by the sound of a bear beating on a nearby bearproof container (trying unsuccessfully to get breakfast for itself).  I was wide awake after that.  Take my word for it, bears are not scarce around there.  Follow the rules strictly when it comes to food storage, and maybe don't cook pungent foods (like bacon) in the trailer either.

It takes quite a while to get from point A to point B within the park.  Speed limits range from 45 down to 25 mph depending on location.  But you'll have plenty of time to mosey about, obviously.

You can only make reservations 6 months in advance, but I have read that everyone goes nuts when the time window opens for their hoped-for vacation time slot, so nearly all sites literally get reserved in just a few minutes on the first of the month.  Best of luck with your reservation efforts.  I felt lucky though, as I made my travel plans only a month beforehand and was able to get a site at Hodgdon Meadow… the lower valley was totally booked, of course.  There are a couple of CGs that do not take reservations, so that might be a possibility for you.  If I were going back, I think I would enjoy staying at the high-elevation, no-reservations Bridalveil Creek CG…if I could get in.

My favorite part of the park was Glacier Point.  Fabulous views of the valley far below and Half Dome in the distance.  I wish I'd had time (and energy) to hike from Glacier Point down the switchbacks to the valley floor.  A shuttle bus could take me to the top, I just would have liked to go down.  Laugh  Maybe another time I'll get to do it.

If you take your vehicle around the park and see a bit of everything the first couple of days, you will have a better feel for what you want to concentrate on.  Then you can take your time, pick a section or feature each day and sort of immerse yourself in it.  You may spend lots of time in the valley, or lots of time on the heights, or in the redwoods or on trails to waterfalls.  Or just sitting under the awning drinking in the view and the fresh air.  It all depends on your own preferences.

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7:42 am
February 26, 2011




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OK – now I want to go to Yosemite.  It sounds fantastic!

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