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8:10 am
April 10, 2011




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I saw your post about working ham radio communications as part of your flood issues (by the way, I hope there were no major issues and more importantly, no loss of life!).

I'm a Ham as well – tech class.  DBF is a gneral class.  My dad was a Ham for as long back as I can remember so I grew up with and around radios.  I just never could get the code down.  So I finally studied for and passed the test a couple of months after Daddy passed away.  I have his original call sign.

I will be working Medical Net Control for the MS150 bike ride here next weekend.  It still sometimes amazes me that we can comminicate over 180 miles from one location with all of the digital improverments and linking repeaters.  We use both 2 meter and 70 cm for communications.

2010 16BH towed by 2002 F-150 Super Crew 4.6L V8

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