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What length site do I need for my 2 tent 19SBT?

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5:52 pm
March 27, 2011


Milton, VT


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Being a new TT owner, I have what may be a silly question.  When making reservations at a campground, how "long" of a site do I need?  The trailer is 20.5 feet per the specs, but with the tents out it adds about 4 feet to each end.  So do I have a 20.5 foot camper, or do I have a 28.5 foot camper – from the perspective of the size of a site I need.



2011 Sportsmen Classic 19SBT with rear tent option : 2010 Toyota Sienna

7:29 pm
March 27, 2011



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You need the overall length.  You would be sticking out on a small site, or not quite fit if it's a back in.  Although I am currently waiting on delivery of my 16FKTH, when we reserve a site for my pop up, I always go by the fully opened length.

4:35 am
March 28, 2011



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