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What do you always take on camping trips?

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10:01 am
July 1, 2010




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Hey, I was just wondering what everyone else considered a must-have item for their trips.
It seems that I am always needing something & that I should have known to bring it in the 1st place.  After the 1st trip, a small tool kit (hammer, screwdrivers) became a necessity. This last time it was a flashlight.

So what does everyone else have to take with them, or is there something you wish you had taken on a trip & had to buy it once you got there?

Thanks, MJ

11:16 pm
July 1, 2010


Minnesota Prairie


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4:54 am
July 2, 2010


Strawberry Plains, TN


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yesterday while setting up the trailer at the lake I found that the duct tape I kept in  the storage com partment came in handy . My elect plug to the campground receptacle wouldnt stay in so I wrapped duct tape around the receptacle and pole. I couldnt have managed without it. Dont leave home wthout it Laugh


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2:36 pm
July 6, 2010



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An extra pair of shoes. More than once have I been caught in the rain only to realize I only had my one pair of shoes….

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