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what did you pay for your 19bh, looking to buy asap

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6:35 pm
April 2, 2011


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Im looking at a 2011 19bh fully loaded the price were getting is 12,900 after all the dealer fees and delivery.   I am also located in Denver, CO ive noticed the trailers seem to be cheaper out east.  If you could let me know what you paid out the door.. and what that included.. full option, window, heater etc.   also if before or after tax.   thanks for the help. the price difference from the east coast just seems a little steep to me.   Thanks in advance.

6:56 pm
April 2, 2011




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Not sure if this is fully loaded, but the dealer I used has this 19bh…..ssic_19_BH

at a lower starting price and our 16bh last year was well discounted off the sticker price.

Good luck

8:55 pm
April 2, 2011



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A big part of that difference is the cost of shipping the RV's from KZ's factory to their final destinations.  The farther from the factory the higher the cost to the dealer whcih gets passed on to you.

1:37 pm
April 3, 2011




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Just bought a 16 bh in Joplin, Mo for $8850 out the door loaded so if you could compare your 16bh price it might give you comps…

I can get you more info if you wish.

The Joplin dealer did beat the Springfield MO RV dealers show price

Hope this helps

Good luck

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