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We Divorced our R-Pod and Married a Sportsmen Classic 19 BH

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4:58 am
July 6, 2010


Columbia, MO


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Greetings to all.  We are new to the forum….and new to the RV world.  Being newbies….we were charmed by the style and compactness of the R-pod.   After three short trips….we knew we had to make a change, so we are trading in the R-pod for something roomier – the 19 BH.  We pick it up Thursday and head off to Estes Park, Colorado Saturday.

We now know that we were a bit naive to think we "only needed a place to sleep, pee, and keep some food cold."  So anyone contemplating a small TT for the first time….think carefully.  The R-pod is great for some people.  We experienced it with one other adult on one trip, two grandaughters on another trip, and then with just the two of us.  Too small…and thus, not a comfortable experience.  Since we are finding that we are enjoying the TT lifestyle, we just want/need more room to spread out.  With the 19BH we can enjoy it with a couple of grandkids or a guest or two.

That said, I just want to thank those who are participating in the forum.  It was part of our research effort to decide what other lightweight to go with.  This will be our apprentice TT.  We know we'll learn a lot and be more comfortable in the process.  Plan to continue reading on the forum and posting questions/ideas as they occur. 

We aren't planning any wilderness adventures…just locating nice rv parks in areas we want to visit.  Plus we are only a little over an hour from Osage Beach, MO and can enjoy long weekend getaways.  Jenny's the scribe here….and George is the trip planner.  The TT is his "toy," – a birthday gift to himself for turning 60. 

Jenny & George Mummert – Columbia, MO – 19BH – Ford Flex with tow package

5:48 am
July 6, 2010


Northern Ontario


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Welcome!  We also contemplated the R-pod when we were shopping!  The 17' even with the silde out was still more cramped than our 16BH!  DH and I were just recently appreciating the awesome layout of the Classics.  We are pleased with our choice, and you will be too!  (although we wish we had the 19BH since the whole bed-to-table-to-bed thing gets old REALLY fast)

2010 Sportsmen Classic 16BH * TV: 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L V8

7:47 pm
July 6, 2010


Minnesota Prairie


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Welcome, Jenny and George.  Estes Park is a wonderful place.  I long to get back there.  Twenty-three years have gone by since we stayed in a cabin at the YWCA of Estes Park, CO.

Donna and I continue to enjoy our little TT.  We find leaving the bed, the bed, and eating on the picnic table works good for the two of us, until it rains, that is.


2010 Sportsmen Classic 14RK; 2005 Ford F-150, 5.4L V8; "… is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance." Charles Darwin