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Traveling with no reservations . . . .

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9:35 am
February 6, 2012


Richland Center, WI


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Hello all!

General question here: When you are traveling with you TT, do you plan ahead and reserve campsites or do you like to just go where the road takes you and take your chances? If you do the latter, have you found it a hassle to find a place to overnight or has it been no problem for you? My wife and I are retired and for the last two seasons have pretty much done the campground/state and county parks route. This year, however, we plan to hit the road in a serious way and just get out and see some of this beautiful country. No particular destination or route planned, but we're wondering what to expect out there. Thanks for any input! 

12:07 pm
February 6, 2012




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I would think that outside of holiday weekends and times like Spring Break (at least in the South), lack of reservations would not be an issue.  I have traveled a couple of times, not sure where I was going to stop in the morning and calling later in the afternoon.  One campground it backfired on me, but fortunately there was a state park not that far away that had plenty of room – it was off the interstate a little ways where the other was a lot closer.

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7:12 am
February 8, 2012



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Oh how I envy that you have the freedom to take off and travel where the winds take you!  Enjoy!

We're not as fortunate, so we generally have to plan most of our trips ahead; but at times we've had to change plans mid-trip, due to weather or other situations.  While I'm not a fan of cell phones,  my husband has one that we've used in our travels.  It has internet access, so I've used it to look up state and national park info, called ahead for availability and reservations, located gas stations, food and other services, used it along with our maps for navigation, checked the WEATHER, and checked ahead for road conditions and closures.  I've even used it to look up reviews on particular campgrounds and eateries, to know what to avoid, or what not to miss! 

When all else fails for finding an overnight campsite, we can at least look up where the nearest truck stop or Wal-Mart parking lot may be.  Wink

As a note:  Some reservation "systems", and some private campgrounds, won't always accept same day reservations.  But if you can at least plan a couple days ahead during your travels, it can be helpful.

Good luck and safe travels!

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