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1:21 pm
August 17, 2011



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WEStop at a state park just got back from Colo. had a great time. Stayed mortly in Fed. parks stop at a state park they are getting to cost to much to stay at can see why they are always in the red when it cost $10.00 to stay in the fed park and 30.00 to stay in the stay in the state Ks st parks are alsol hi cost

2:42 pm
August 17, 2011


Strawberry Plains, TN


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Its 20 dollars a day here at our local tennesse state parks near knoxville. I have paid more than that at a KOA and I didnt mind because of the amenities, but I dont think for a regular camping spot with elect and water I would pay that, at least not for the state parks here. It might be helpful to others if you wrote a review of the parks you visited so we might get some idea what people get for their money.

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