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Spree Escape 2013 :KZ cutting cornors?

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9:33 am
March 6, 2013



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Post edited 4:40 pm – March 6, 2013 by garyfig

Last year, we bought a 2012 Spree Escape 204S and we just love it. As I wrote in my other post, the 2013 does not look as nice. Before it had retro wood like walls, wood-like plank flooring and nice brown counter tops. Now not only do they have different walls and counter tops , both with a pattern (looks very busy).………..On top of those changes they are "cutting cornors"….First, some of them no longer have the nice wheels but plain white, Instead of 2 stairs there is only 1step to enter camper. Instead of the nice "high rise " kitchen faucet there is a plane one. The kitchen table is one that clips to the wall iinstead of the sturdy two crome like ones that were bolted to the floor. The bench seats cushions are no longer "boxed in"(204s) they just sit next to a panel loose…..I loved my Spportsmen Classic and my now 2012 Spree Escape, but if they ar cutting cornors in areas where "laymen"
 like me can see….what are they doing to the construction? While other brands are adding features,  KZ
seems to be taking them away!…they are going to have to show a different trend before I ever buy another! will keep my 2012 for a long time you did a good job on it KZ hope you get back to adding features not taking them away and charging more!

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