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Road kill

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3:56 pm
July 18, 2011


Sarnia Ontario Canada


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I will try to be a delicate as I can with the topic but I sure learned something. We were traveling down the road with a good distance between us and the truck ahead when all of a sudden I spotted a dead animal on the road ahead of us. It looked like a racoon but I was not really paying attention to it because I thought that was the last I would see of it. I drove over the critter centering it under my vehicle just as I would any other day but this time was different. This time I was pulling a trailer with safety chains hanging down and the noise I herd next let me know something was wrong. The chains must have caught my new freind and started him bouncing and hitting every thing under the trailer. I will not go into detail but thank goodness the park we were staying at has a spray hose at the dump staton to clean under the trailer or I would have had to go to a car wash. The lesson I learned was if you can't avoid it not to center the critter but to try and drive over it between the tires and the center line of the vehicle. This was a busy holiday travel day so if I had stopped quick I may have caused a worse day for myself and others.


2011 Sportsmen Classic 19 SBT. 2011 Ram 1500. Yes it has the hemi, no more towing issues for us. I wonder if Lewis and Clark had a Sportsmen classic and what they towed with.

4:16 pm
July 18, 2011



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