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7:34 pm
August 24, 2011




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I wanted to try to upload some photos.  This is our setup from a couple weeks ago in Decatur, MI.  This was our 7th outing with the 16RBT we purchased one year ago.

2011 16RBT towed by Ford Freestyle

7:52 pm
August 28, 2011

Mike Magee

near Tulsa OK


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You're starting that youngster out right, going camping!  :) 

2008 Toyota Highlander – 2011 Escape E14RB

9:59 pm
August 28, 2011


Eugene, Ore.


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Ok, here's my initial attempt to upload fotos of my initial attempt to camp in my new 14RB.

We're at a water/electric site in William Tugman State Park on the Oregon Coast. Beautiful park on Eel Lake. Campground was totally full in the best summertime gypsy camp sort of way. Tons of families, all kinds of recreational gear and vehicles, wonderful campfire and cooking smells, really helpful people who came over to offer pointers to the rookie trailer couple. We ran the 14RB through every system except the shower, used the microwave and AC, ran the Norcold on AC and gas (it froze stuff on the 5 setting), cooked spaghetti, washed dishes, made great coffee in the Goodwill Bodum, dumped the tanks successfully for the very first time. All in all, a tremendous amount of fun with everything performing perfectly. Even Ned the Mutant Border Collie loved it.


2011 Sportsmen Classic 14RB pulled by a 2012 Toyota Tacoma V6 4WD, 6-speed manual

10:52 am
September 16, 2011


South East Texas


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New rig

10:04 am
March 31, 2012

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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I wonder if the forum can be set up to use the traditional "IMG Code" method of photo posting?  I tried it here, but it didn't work 100% properly, and part of the problem was the narrow width of the forum column.  I'd bet that a lot of us are used to the off-site photo hosting process, and there are certain advantages, like no storage space issues and reduced risk of virus infestation.

Mike M

Photo posted using IMG Code method through Photobucket:

2012 190 pulled by a 2011 F150 Supercab 3.7 2wd.

10:20 am
March 31, 2012

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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O/K, I got it to work right, as seen in the post above.  However, I had to go back in and edit the post and narrow the picture by dragging the right side over in line with the column width. 

I guess FWIW it's another option for those of us that have been posting photos in forums for years under the IMG rule.


2012 190 pulled by a 2011 F150 Supercab 3.7 2wd.

6:03 pm
April 4, 2012


Weyburn, Canada


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i cant get photos to work it stops at a tiny browser and that is as far as i can get…….

2012 Sportsmen Classic 240 towed by a 2011 Ford Ranger Sport

5:34 pm
April 5, 2012


Minnesota Prairie


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Kwawsome, if you cannot get system to work for you within a couple days, contact admin / owner via


2010 Sportsmen Classic 14RK; 2005 Ford F-150, 5.4L V8; "… is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance." Charles Darwin

7:44 am
August 5, 2012



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Hi All – Thought I'd let everyone know that you are now able to upload photos directly into your post.  When creating your post, first click on the button that looks like a photo of a tree.  Then click on the button to the right of 'Image URL" that looks like a magnifying glass. A new window will come up, from there select the Upload tab.  Click browser to find the file on your computer that you want to upload.  Click upload.  Once the file has uploaded, click on the Browse tab and then click the image you just uploaded.  Finally, click insert to insert the image into the post.  It's cumbersome, but it does work!  Hopefully, this will improve with future software releases. 

I posted one of the Flick photos below as an example. A thumbnail is shown and when you click on it a larger image opens. Thanks!

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