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New 2010 sportsmen classic price

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6:15 am
April 4, 2010


New Member

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Hi everyone, I was out over the weekend and looking at TT and ran across the 14 RB and 16 BH Sportsmen Classic. I like that I would be able to tow either of them with my Escape. I would like to know what is a reasonable price to pay for the 14 RB. I am from Pa. and looking for different dealers to check out.


11:08 pm
April 5, 2010



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You might check out Vacationland RV in Big Rock, IL (west of Chicago). It was a really long drive from Dallas, but their price was 2k less than the local dealership. I paid $6995 for mine last October, which included the gas appliances, 3-way power fridge and front window. Mine did not have the furnace, but it is easily heated with a small space heater. They've raised the price about $900.00 since then, but still looks to be a good price. The trailer was ready to go and everything worked. I had a little trouble with it later tho….but it's fixed (warranty repair). BTW, the warranty is only 180 days.

(just checked their website, looks like they're out of stock on the 14rb at the moment)

10:06 am
April 7, 2010

Sportsman Matt

Central MA


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Bought my 19BH for $9995 from All RV and Truck Sales in East Hampton CT.  Saw some lower prices out towards Ohio ($8995), but not low enough to warrant the 28 hour drive round trip over toll roads from here to get it.

Towing mine with either a 1/2 Ton GMC 2WD pickup with the V6, a 1/2 ton Silverado 4WD Extended Cab, or my girlfriend's Ford Explorer with the 4.0L V6.

Good luck.

5:20 pm
April 11, 2010



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Not sure what the PA prices are, but here in MI I've seen 14RBs for $7995. We paid even less than that for our 14RK with a two-way refrigerator and gas stove and larger holding tanks.

7:00 pm
April 12, 2010

JD Sportsmen



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Two weeks ago we bought the 16BH for $8495 with a few extras.  You can negotiate the 14RB  $7500 in Tulsa, OKC or Dallas. Negotiate!!! The dealers need the business.

8:14 pm
April 21, 2010


Appleton, WI


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Hi everyone…..bought my RB last Oct for $7700 (300 off from their asking price) and they stored it all winter for me too.  The RK should always be about $1000 less due to no shower/tub, cooktop only and not built in gas stove, also difference in the fridge.

2011 Starcraft AR-1, 15RB, Tow with 2007 Mitsuibishi Outlander 6cyl 4WD

2:09 pm
April 22, 2010


Minnesota Prairie


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Paid $6,225 + $80 for two additional stabilizer jacks for the front of 14RK (mfg. Sept., 2009).  Excise tax and license were additional.  14RK, with Regular Pkge. and 5K btu Air Cond. (all electric/no gas).  Am replacing all three China-made tires with Maxxis (Thailand-made) ST185/80R13 tires from @ $79 each (0 freight cost).  Am in the process of ordering several items for convienent camping…..TV, radio/CD, etc.


2010 Sportsmen Classic 14RK; 2005 Ford F-150, 5.4L V8; "… is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance." Charles Darwin

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