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KZ Spree Escape

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7:25 am
March 28, 2011




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I do occasionally have minor scraping issues but try to watch for situations where we would be likely to scrape and try to minimize.  Unfortunately, we can't always eliminate them so we are still considering an axle flip.

2010 16BH towed by 2002 F-150 Super Crew 4.6L V8

6:08 pm
March 30, 2011


Spring, TX


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kayaknut said:

kpspring said:" Oh yeah, and my first mod was to cut through the loop holding the shower head hose halfway up the wall."

No need to cut through the loop — Just unscrew the showerhead, and drop the hose down through the loop.

no…I wanted to be able to have the loop hold the hose when I want it to and be able to take it out of the loop when I want it to.

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