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Just back from first trip

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5:00 pm
December 20, 2009



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We took the classic to Lake Okeechobee KOA to see if everything worked. He's what we discovered: towing and hook-up was very easy and we couldn't even tell we were towing a trailer most of the time, campsite set-up went well although I thought the power cord wasn't going to reach the outlet but it did, the bed was very comfortable with a goose-down mattress top cover, grey tank filled up very fast although we could of had some residual water in there from dealership testing, kinda hard to sit on toilet with door shut ( no room for knees), great storage and very comfortable for a small trailer.

One easy upgrade was running the cable tv wire thru the electrical cord outlet and storing the excess in the box under the dinette seat. The hole in the wood cover under the cushion is already there to pull the other end out and run up to the kitchen counter to the tv.

One more thing, we were disappointed in the staff at this KOA, not very friendly and they put us next to the entrance and street, close to our neighbor when there were plenty of open spots available.

Hope this is helpful…any questions just ask. Smile

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