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How do you empty the fresh water tank?

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1:38 pm
February 25, 2011

Lynn Northrop

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Where is the plug/spigot/or valve to empty the fresh water tank?  Also, we took our 14' RB out for the first time to an RV park with city water.  Hooked up to city water.  By the 2nd day, water was trickling out of the opening where water is normally put into the fresh water tank.  The fresh water tank appeared to be full to overflowing and when we turned off the city water, the water stopped coming out of the fresh water tank.  
Took it back to the dealer for repair, but are wondering what problem this could be? 

7:35 pm
February 25, 2011

Mike Magee

near Tulsa OK


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Did you buy a pressure limiter for your water hose?  It's a gizmo that screws onto the end of your hose and then you attach that to your trailer.  It reduces the water pressure so you won't blow any of the trailer's plastic water lines.  A hardware store or RV parts source (such as your RV dealer) should have them.

It kind of sounds like the water is getting forced backward, backing up into the fresh water tank.  I am guessing that KZ would put a one-way valve in the water line between that tank and where it goes into the rest of the water lines.  Perhaps the city water's pressure was too high and was forcing water the wrong way through that valve.  Or the valve was faulty to start with, or it simply failed.

I don't claim to have any direct knowledge about such a valve… it just seems to my reasoning to be likely… perhaps someone else knows more and can confirm or correct my supposition.

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7:00 pm
March 2, 2011




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On the 14 FKTH there is a small T handle "popup" valve on the right rear of the storage tank. Up is open. Down is closed. Or is it the other way around ?


2011 Sportsmen Classic 14 FKTH

10:58 pm
March 2, 2011


Minnesota Prairie


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Welcome, Lynn!

Did you not receive a white-covered Owner / Operator Manual with your TT… should have also received a light-green-covered general info. manual + others that apply to various appliances.  If any are missing contact your dealer and/or KZ-RV Customer Service (Shirley in Cust. Serv. has been really helpful) at 1-866-472-5460.


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