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Heading to Renn Fest

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4:55 am
November 3, 2011


South East Texas


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Headin out tomorrow morning to camp our second event, TRF has a large camping area but no hook ups.

    At the First event I was pleasantly suprised to discover that my Honda EU200i will run my trailer with AC on for 8 hours on a gallon of gas, so boondocking isnt really an issue.

    Quick question, I've discovered that the fan in the electronics box runs all the time, slowly draining my battery over the course of say 3 weeks,, 1st is this normal? 2nd Is there a cut off switch?

  I have solved the problem by pulling the 40 amp battery reverse protect fuse, but would like a simpler method. 

9:17 am
November 5, 2011


Post Falls, Idaho


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I hope this is helpful, but my knowledge on the subject is limited.  In my trailer, the converter cooling fan only turns on when there's a significant power draw, or it's been awhile since the batteries were charged (thus causing a significant draw to recharge them).   My guess would be that you have a power drain somewhere that's causing your converter to work hard for some reason. 


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