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favorite secondary cooler

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2:56 pm
July 9, 2010


Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada


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before we head out for our 2 week trip I am considering as a supliment to our fridge in our 16BH what cooler to use primarily for pop (sugared and wobbly pop) any suggestions on brands, iced or electric…etc?

6:54 pm
July 9, 2010




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We got one of these a couple years ago & have loved it so far.…

It can be used upright or like a conventional chest-type cooler. It has a outlet plug for the house or can be plugged into a vehicle 12v outlet. It takes around 4 hours to be ready, but once going, it will work just like a regular refrigerator.  Even when not plugged in, it will function as a regular ice cooler (just keep any water away from the inside fan).

11:10 am
July 11, 2010


Northern Ontario


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We got a Coleman cooler at Canadian Tire, it's grey and it's supposed to keep cold for 5 days.  And it does, as long as it's in the shade :)  Just replace the ice every once in a while. 

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