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6:40 am
September 29, 2011



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Being someone who likes dogs and having camped for 0ver 50 years. may I sugest that everyone please leave your dogs at home. I know your dog is great but when you leave them shut up inn the camper they do bark when your gone to town or on a hike Yes I know you clean up after them 98% of the time. but who wants to step in the other 2% and remember you can't clean up their pee.  so please leave them at home so the rest of us can enjoy camping too.

9:35 am
September 29, 2011



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7:40 pm
September 29, 2011

Mike Magee

near Tulsa OK


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Osage, you must have had some bad experiences involving dogs in campgrounds.  Sorry they disrupted things for you.

I haven't ever done a huge amount of camping in campgrounds… usually just a few nights per year… so maybe I've been lucky.  I can't recall any incidents in which a dog proved noisy or in which I encountered, er, canine byproducts in an unpleasant way.

Now, noisy generators… that's a different story! 

2008 Toyota Highlander – 2011 Escape E14RB

5:39 am
October 1, 2011

Mike & Diana

Lake Corpus Christi Texas


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Oh please understand that a lot of people choose camping when traveling because they want their dogs with them. Hotels just do not cut it. Our dogs love to travel with us and we are very careful to keep them quiet and well behaved – when we are in the trailer we say to them "Go to your bed" and they immediately go under the table and find it cosy. Laugh

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