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Couple Question

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8:21 pm
February 26, 2012




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Hello all, I am not a current owner, but joined because I am strongly looking at a classic/escape 18rbt.  I have been lurking and reading about everything you all have typed, and I wish this forum were used more!  Few questions

Anyone have the model I am looking at. 

How have you all remedied bike racks.  I have me, wife, and 2 kids.  Onw isn't biking yet, but will someday.  I have a toneau cover on the truck, and no roof rack.  Don't want to fill the truck with just bikes if I dont have to.  I have seen the double hitch adapters, as I already have a 2″ hitch mount rack.  Wondering about how sturdy they may be. Also have read on here that the bumpers are not strong enough for a rack.  Any recommendations appreciated.  Glad to be here, and hope to someday have a brand new sportsman in my sig!

9:50 pm
February 26, 2012




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I've looked at the double hitch rack, but I don't think it allows enough towing weight.  That's something you would need to check.  And no, the bumpers are not sturdy enough to hold that kind of weight on top of the weight of the spare.

I'm looking to put a fork hitch on a 2×4 that will wedge between the bunk and the cabinet in my 16BH to carry my bike.  It would have to be last thing loaded, first unloaded.  I also have the tonneau on my truck and the dogs take the back seat.  So far I haven't taken my bike but I would like to.

2010 16BH towed by 2002 F-150 Super Crew 4.6L V8

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