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Camping in the Driveway

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4:32 pm
April 22, 2011



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We are in our new 19BH camping in the driveway… kids are loving it.  I picked up on Thursday and got upgraded matresses, rounded door, upgraded floor and auto-furance ignition (no lighting the pilot outside)… apparently I got some of the 2012 upgrades.  Remote air conditioner (which I did not know was included).  We have the full cable hook up outside/inside too.  Got a radio installed and it has SD and USB as well.  Don't know where to start with my mods yet, but we are enjoying driveway camping big time.

2011 19BH… Towing with 2003 Silverado …2 kids, 2 adults

11:02 pm
April 29, 2011



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Sorry this is a week late, but I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind-still contemplating purchasing one of these units and comparing to other brands…

First, what do you mean by remote air conditioner?  Is this a roof mount with a wall thermostat?

Secondly, as for the "upgraded mattresses," was this a factory supplied item, or a dealer installed?

Third, the radio install sounds like a dealer installed option, correct?

Sorry, just trying to make an informed decision here.  Have found a wealth of info here!

7:14 pm
May 8, 2011




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Looks like the driveway may be our only option for the near future. We are somewhat landlocked — mighty Mississippi to the east and all the smaller rivers (Current, Black, White, St Francis) to the north, south & west. Most of the levees are seeping water from the bottoms & lots of roads are closed. Maybe by Memorial Day – fingers are crossed.

7:04 pm
May 9, 2011



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Sorry, after 2 weekends in the driveway, we went away last weekend for our first official trip.   Wheatley, Ontairo-  Campers Cove.  Its funny… all our friends have these big huge 28+ units, but still only 2 adults and 2 kids like us.  The 19BH has tons of room, half the price and I can park it in my driveway next to my boat.

To answer your questions… the air conditioner is a 'window' mount 8000BTU, not roof mount.  It has a remote control for fan and air.  We had the furnace on and then I turned the fan from the air conditioner on from my bed.

The matress was upgraded from standard to a more 'plush' material.

The radio was a $100 upgrade, not a top end model, but very loud and good speaker locations in the roof… one right inside the door.  Now I do not have to get outside speaker.

Any more questions?

2011 19BH… Towing with 2003 Silverado …2 kids, 2 adults

9:51 pm
May 11, 2011


Appleton, WI


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Test Test test….disregard just testing to make sure site is accepting new posts (concern voiced to moderator by fellow member


2011 Starcraft AR-1, 15RB, Tow with 2007 Mitsuibishi Outlander 6cyl 4WD

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