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Back from Ft. Stevens

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2:37 pm
July 3, 2010


NorthWest USA


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We had a good time at Ft. Stevens even though it rained for two of the days. The Santa Fe pulled the 14RB just fine over the Oregon Coast Range and the trailer brakes helped a great deal with steep grade  braking as well. Max our dashaund enjoyed having his bed under ours inside the 14RB.

I think we will install ceiling vent covers so we can have better ventilation during long periods of rain tbough. We tried just using the 2 windows under the awning but that wasn't enough . We have a vent fan in the bathroom that we could also use if the we had the covers installed.

Here are a few quick pics…

Steve, Barb,… and MaxCool

Steve & Barb ( both 1949) *** Our Dachshund "Max" (2000) ***TT KZ Classic 14 RB (2010)*** TV Santa Fe GLS 4WD, 3.5L V6, 4speed auto (2004) Reese Stabilizer Bar

7:36 am
July 5, 2010


Northern Ontario


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Happy to hear you had a smooth ride :)  Too bad about the rain though.

2010 Sportsmen Classic 16BH * TV: 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L V8

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