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Anyone Traveling?

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12:54 pm
December 5, 2012




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Anyone traveling for Christmas?  We are taking the 16BH to Arizona for Christmas.  The only thing I'm worried about is when we are actually at the Grand Canyon.  It's supposed to get down in the low teens at night and I'm not sure how we will do with the low temps.  Other than that, it should be a great trip.

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8:10 am
December 7, 2012




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     We aren't travelling but we are full timing in our 16fkth. We're in North Central Oregon where the low teens are a possibilty. So far we've only seen low 30s but have been able to get by with a 1500watt space heater. We haven't used the propane furnace at all except for test runs to make sure it works.

     If you aren't dry camping, an electric heater will help a lot and save on propane use. One hint is to put it on the floor. We used to keep it on the counter but our feet were cold. Putting it on the floor made a HUGE difference.

7:42 am
December 8, 2012

Mike & Diana

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Never thought it a good idea to put on the Internet when you'll be traveling /away from home.

Too many bad guys out there who would love to know that sort of stuff.

11:51 am
December 8, 2012




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One other thought about cold weather camping in the Sportsman. When we think the temp will be below freezing, we leave the bathroom door and cabinet doors cracked open at night. The insulation isn't 4-season in these things and we hope keeping the doors open will prevent pipes from freezing. It sure helps keep the bathroom warm in the AM. With the doors closed the cabinets and bathroom seem like a refrigerator when you open them.

2:36 am
February 20, 2013


Petoskey, Michigan


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     I was worried about low temps too, since I'm fulltiming over the winter.  At 3000 ft, it's about 6-10 degrees colder here than valley (Fontana, CA).  Water hose froze during first low temps.  I stowed it and use inside tank only until we get spring temps.  

     I found best electric heater was a portable baseboard type with no fan (from Lowes).  It's silent, thermostat controled, and can be placed out of the way on floor.  My Escape E19sb walls have foam insulation which is adequate despite being thin.  However, there are six, single pane windows (plus the door window).  I bonded quilt batting to foam core poster-board, cut to window size, and rigged an easy securing system.  I can put these up in about 20 seconds apiece for night and take them down and store in the shower stall during the day.  I leave small window by bed bare and crack it open for ventilation at night.

     I don't know if I'd have pipe freezing issues in really cold weather, but it doesn't get that cold here in Southern Cal.

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