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A/C and Heat on the Classic

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5:29 pm
June 17, 2010


Gilbert Arizona

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Hi all, I'm new here. Smile 

I don't have a trailer yet, but we are considering a few different brands.  As far as these Sportsmen Classics go, we have not decided whether it would be a 13' or 14RB yet.  They sure look nice. 

I have a couple questions about the A/C and heaters.

1) What size is the heater?  I have read both 12,000btu and 16,000 btu?  Not sure which to believe.  Also, is the heater enough for the colder nights?

2) I see they come with a 5000btu window type A/C unit.  It seems small compaired to other trailers I have been reading about.  Is it enough to cool the 13 & 14' trailers on say a 90 deg day?

Thanks in advance,

Dale in Arizona

8:40 pm
June 17, 2010




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Hey Dale. 

The A/C worked fine for us on Memorial Day weekend. We had a mostly shaded spot in 90 degree weather & kept the fan on high probably half the time. It would get a little cold & I would turn the thermostat down for a while & put the fan on low.  I have ordered some foam inserts for the vents & some reflective window treatments to keep the heat out for our next trip.

Can't say about the heater yet, but when we go I plan on having one of the oil filled electric heaters with us just in case. In the 16bh, the heater is 16k BTU.

I wondered if it would be possible to insulate the bottom. I had to retrieve a baseball from underneath the other day & noticed the underside. Looks like it could be done, but I would like to have other's inputs.


11:06 pm
June 17, 2010


Minnesota Prairie


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Dale, welcome to our forum.

DW and I do not have a furnace in our 14RK, however, I have 16K btu propane furnace in my 2008 10 foot, V-nose / 4-hole Ice Castle Fish House (wheel house), mfg. in Montevideo, MN.  My fish house has approx the same R-factor insulation as the Classic 14RK.  The 16K furnace keeps fish house cozy at 70 deg. F, even with frozen lake air temps. of -10 to -25 deg. F.  Donna and I plan to use small electric heater when that time of the year comes, such as Spring and Fall months.

The 14RK 5K btu Frigidaire wall-unit AC serves well enough, as long as we keep on High Cool speed and max temp. setting of "7″.

4.6 cu.ft. Refrigerator keeps food / pop cold, while freezer is a bit iffy.


2010 Sportsmen Classic 14RK; 2005 Ford F-150, 5.4L V8; "… is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance." Charles Darwin

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