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Adding Photos to Posts

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9:36 am
June 15, 2010



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Hi All – Thought I'd let everyone know that you are now able to upload photos directly into your post.  When creating your post, first click on the button that looks like a photo of a tree.  Then click on the button to the right of 'Image URL" that looks like a magnifying glass. A new window will come up, from there select the Upload tab.  Click browser to find the file on your computer that you want to upload.  Click upload.  Once the file has uploaded, click on the Browse tab and then click the image you just uploaded.  Finally, click insert to insert the image into the post.  It's cumbersome, but it does work!  Hopefully, this will improve with future software releases. 

I posted one of the Flick photos below as an example. A thumbnail is shown and when you click on it a larger image opens. Thanks!

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