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Welcome from Wyoming

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10:46 am
July 27, 2011



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Bought our 16RBT a few months ago. Have had issues trying to register for this site, but I seem to have cracked that nut. Use our Sportsmen for boondocking with the wife, and four dogs. It has exceeded our expectations.

Adding a 135 watt solar panel this weekend. I will try to add this to the modification section once complete.

10:51 am
July 27, 2011



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11:48 am
July 27, 2011


Lubbock, TX


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Wecome bojewy from TX. Boondocking in the NM moutains this weekend. At least no hookups. I suppose that's not really boondocking. At least I'll get to check out the systems as if we were boondocking. What's the weather like up there? Please send rain and cool air.

Lee in TX.

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