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Pic how to

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4:43 pm
September 12, 2012

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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Decon, I posted this response in another thread, so I just copied it to here:

I'm using the TinyBrowser that in my experience is unique to this site.  It's highly unintuitive, thus the reason most posters aren't including pictures.  That's too bad, because pictures help keep the interest high.

If you look across the toolbar that appears when you are making or replying to a post, you will see a tiny icon of what I think is supposed to be a tree.  Clicking on this will bring up the TinyBrowser.

What happens next is where I think most users hit a roadblock.  What you'll see is a box with "insert" and "cancel" buttons, and a bunch spaces for url's etc.  The problem is there appears to be nothing to insert.  You need to go get it, and you do that by clicking the little picture of a camera.  When you've done that, things should start to fall into place.  Click the "upload" tab, and select your pictures to be uploaded from wherever they are on your computer.  After you've uploaded, you can then use the "browse" tab to select the photo you want to put in your post. 

When you select a photo from your uploaded cache, the system will then automatically go back to the original "insert"/"cancel" box, and it will populate the URL field with the location of the picture.  Hit "insert" and your picture will be installed into your post.

So, in review, it goes "tree", "camera", "upload", "browse", "insert"…for every picture you want to put in.  This particular forum is very odd in this regard, as every other forum I've ever been a part of uses off-site photo hosting and the inserting of the "IMG" code to show pictures.  I've used the "IMG" method here too in the past, but in my experience it hasn't been reliable.

If there's one tip I'd recommend to everybody, it's to resize your pictures to a maximum size of 800×600 for use in the forum.  Any bigger and it bogs down the upload process and detracts from the user experience.  When people upload full-sized pictures it can take forever for them to load when someone wants to view the post, and depending on your monitor size you may have to scroll to see them.

One more note; once your pictures are uploaded to this site, they stay in your cache for use in future posts, etc.  If you go to the "edit" tab in the TinyBrowser you can get rid of them if you want.  This is also handy if you accidentaly upload the wrong pictures.  You can just delete them.

Hope this helps.

Mike M. 

2012 190 pulled by a 2011 F150 Supercab 3.7 2wd.

5:57 pm
August 21, 2012



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I have posted pics here before, can't see how to do it now???  HELP,   Thanks, Decon.Wink

7:43 am
September 7, 2012




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Decon – you have to have your picture hosted at an internet website.  I use

Then to add the picture to your post, on the menu bar for the posting window, there is an icon that looks like a photograph of a tree.  Click on that, then paste your url for your pic from the hosting site there.

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7:07 am
September 9, 2012

Mike & Diana

Lake Corpus Christi Texas


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DECON BLUE said:I have posted pics here before, can't see how to do it now???  HELP,   Thanks, Decon.Wink

You can also look under "Site and Forum Announcements" and see instructions for "Adding Photos".

Good Luck!

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