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New 16BH owner in Texas

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8:48 pm
November 11, 2011


Port Lavaca, Texas

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It's our fifth night on the maiden voyage in our new 2011 16BH. We are in St. Augustine, Fl. We're getting to know the unit and are liking it better each day. We pull it with a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country and are getting about 11 to 14 mpg depending on driving speed. Almost had a disaster when I had to drive through a bunch of debris that fell from someone's trailer onto the slow lane. There was no room to pull over and I couldn't stop and go around in time.

I opted for the Reese trunion bar hitch with the brake pad type of dual sway bars and it really holds the line when big rigs pass me up. I also got the electric tongue jack and it makes connecting and disconnecting much easier. I'm getting lazy, … er, lazier.

We are having trouble keeping the water heater and refrigerator lit when travelling. I will have to take it to the dealer when we get back. Someone told me it might be the regulator on the propane bottle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

We're looking foreward to touring St. Augustine and then going up to Savannah.

I visited this forum prior to purchasing our Classic. There is a lot of good info here.

See ya'll later.

9:06 am
November 12, 2011


Post Falls, Idaho


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Sorry I don't have a suggestion for a fix for the water heater or fridge, other than to open the propane tank slowly to avoid the OPD valve closing unnecessarily.  I can say from experience that if it's a windy/gusty day, my fridge blows out every once in a while, so I've considered it to be 'normal' to check it every once in a while on long trips (especially on hot days when it matters most).  I've never kept the water heater on while traveling, so I can't comment on that.  Actually for the water heater I'll turn it on when I initially arrive at the campsite for 30 minutes or so, then turn it to 'pilot'.  The water stays hot a lot longer than one might think.


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11:56 am
November 12, 2011




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I have the problem with the hot water heater blowing out on my 16BH while at the campsite.  Took it to the dealer and they ran it for 4 days with no problems.  Of course, it was in the repair shed that was more protected than being out in the open.

So I just check mine regularly.

And I have enjoyed my 16BH for a year now.

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11:30 am
November 14, 2011


Orange Park, FL


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Welcome TS.  Hope you are enjoying your stay in St Augustine.  We live just south of Jacksonville and are also new classic owners.  In fact we also enjoyed our maiden voyage this past weekend.  We went to Hanna Park in Atlantic Beach (Jacksonville area) and had a great time.  If you get a chance to go there, it is well worth the trip.  Google for more info.…..-Park.aspx

The only glitch with our trip is the refrigerator is not working. I turned it on a few days prior to leaving but it won't cool at all. Tried both AC and gas but nothing. Will be taking it to the dealer after Thanksgiving.

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5:48 pm
November 15, 2011


Spring Hill, Tennessee


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We have had our 16 BH for a couple of years and also enjoy it a lot.  We are empty nesters, so we keep the booth table up all the time and sleep on the bunk beds.  I get the top and the bride get the lower.  We purchased foam covers for the mattress pads and it works out just fine.  We went on Amazon to get fittend sheets for them that fit just perfect.

Regarding the hot water heater.  Our air conditioner is directly above the hot water heater and water drips on the hot water area constantly in the summer.  That really is not a good thing.  I would hope in future revisions, they would not have the air conditioner condensation water dripping on it.  Our's seems to go out also on a regular basis.  That is a bummer for us as well.  I will say that we do use the propane to keep our frig going while we are on the road with absolutely no problems at all.  It is just the hot water heater.

We are currently in Gulf Shores State Park.  Several days ago, our propane alarm started going off.  We noticed that our hot water heater also was off.  This pattern repeated itself.  I had a repair person come out to check it out.  It seems that our heater portion was malfunctioning in that it would not stay lit, but it also would not shut off the propane when it went out and the propane came inside the RV, thus causing the alarm to go off.  We need to replace that part of the hot water heater when we get back home to Tennessee.  We did have the electric hothot heater installed though.  MY WIFE JUST LOVES IT!!!

All in all, we do so much love our little RV and plan to have many journeys with it.


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7:57 pm
December 2, 2011


Port Lavaca, Texas

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Thanks for the comments. We're back from St. Augustine and Savannah. We headed home a little earlier than planned; allergies and the weather. I decided to go south from Savannah the day that the bad weather came through (about Nov. 16). Good thing I did. Went through it just west of Tallahassee. Couldn't hardly see the white line for several miles. I saw on the news where Louisiana and North Carolina got some tornadoes. St. Augustine and Savanna were great. Went on the Paula Deen tour and ate at Uncle Bubba's; worth the trip. The tour in St. Augustine was also very good.

When we got back I let the refrigerator run on gas two nights and a day; no problem. Headed to the dealer and checked it at 30 miles and at 60 miles and it was still on. But at 90 miles it had gone out. The dealer blew compressed air on it and drove it about 20 miles but it didn't go out. I decided to take it home and deal with it later. I got about 40 miles and it didn't go out. But after another 20 miles it quit. I've postphoned dealing with it because I had a lipoma removed from my back the day before yesterday and will have to lay off anything strenuous for a month or two.

We really do like the Classic TT. We plan to travel quite a bit starting in the spring.

Tommy and Mary Lou

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