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Hi from Nebraska

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5:55 pm
January 13, 2012



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Hi everyone … I'm in the process of convincing my husband that I must have a Sportsmen Classic 14RK so was glad to find this forum.

I had looked at one 2 years ago and decided to go vintage instead because I was a member of sisters on the fly and they encourage that.  BIG MISTAKE.  Bought a 1967 Shasta LoFlyte, sunk in twice what we paid for it for repairs, etc, sold it for less than what we had into it because I found it big and bulky.  

Then bought a 1968 Shasta compact which collapsed on the drive home.  Finally bought a 1961 Forester canned ham that we paid too much for and ended up gutting because it was completely rotted through.  So $6000 later, I have nothing to show for it but a gutted camper that they want $6500 to fix.

I've finally wised up and will be buying a new one as soon as I can sweet talk the hubby, find a good negotiating price and get the dealer to meet our bottom line.  

I fell in love when I walked in the door because it's spartan and doesn't have propane (terrified of propane here) and it's the perfect size for me.  

So here I am!  :)

6:33 pm
January 13, 2012


Soddy Daisy Tennessee


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Welcome!  our sportsmen 14rb won out because it had propane appliances.  the first runner up was the shasta airfly by coachmen (new remake of the old canned ham style) and the t@da both  i believe were all electric (or was it the sero scotty pup? getting old, sorry… looked at several).  To me being able to run off  solar charged batterys and propane "off the grid" seemed more romantic (for lack of a better term) then dragging around a 200lb generator to accomplish the same goal.  not trying to sway you on propane, just (as a lot of us do here) offering my perspective. again, welcome.

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8:47 pm
January 13, 2012




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Enjoy your 14RK when you get it.  I was all set to get the 14RB when I saw the 16BH for the same price.  I have really enjoyed it.  I solo as well as go out with my boyfriend and my 2 big dogs.  I use the propane for cooking and powering the fridge on the road (cross-country it's nice to have cold food Laugh).

But I realize it takes all kinds and there's all kinds of camping.

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11:20 pm
March 13, 2012


Minnesota Prairie


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Hi, Nebraska!

Go for the all electric 2010 14RK.  We have not found an RV park yet that doesn't have 30 amp hookup for our 14RK.  You will often be able to find power using a 50 to 100 foot 30 amp power cord/extension at a fairgrounds, as example.

Suggest you consider installing an electric water heater (2.5, 4.0 or 6.0 gal.).  Of course you will have to balance electric usage while the water heater is heating……usually 30 to 45 minute duration.  We are on our third, almost trouble-free season.

PM me should you need info specific to the 14RK.


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2:52 pm
March 14, 2012


Strawberry Plains, TN


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John…I think KZ has discontinued the 14rk (rear kitchen) but you might find one used.

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