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Hello from Lincoln, Nebraska

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5:23 am
December 30, 2012


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Hello, My name is Jim and this is my first RV, a Sportsmen Classic 240. We brought it home last August and have yet to take it to the park. It is now winter and the Sportsmen is buttoned up and stored until Spring comes next year. Admittedly, I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge required to operate our new rig. But I have bought books and DVDs on how to operate the systems and now feel comfortable that our first adventure won't be a disaster! Don't want my wife, Malai, and our two kids to be unhappy with our future camping adventures. 

8:04 am
December 30, 2012


Strawberry Plains, TN


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Welcome Jim and Malai!!!! Glad you found us :) Im sure you and your family will have many great adventures in your 240! Were a small group here but very friendly , helpful and informative. Just holler if you have questions and chime in with your experiences :) Im sure you cant wait till camping season so you can try your TT out, even if its in your own driveway :) Again, welcome and look foward to hearing about your Sportsmen experiences .

Teaspoon Cool

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8:07 pm
December 30, 2012




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Hi Jim,

There's a first time with the RV for us all! When I got my first one, I found an empty parking lot on the way home from the dealer and practiced parking, backing up etc. The other thing was that we picked an rv park near home for our first overnighter. That way we could bail out if a problem came up.

After that we never looked back!


2:18 pm
January 2, 2013


Eugene, Ore.


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What Dave said. Hardest thing for me was learning to back into narrow campground spaces with confidence. Practicing in a big empty parking lot helped a lot, but nothing beats actually doing it and realizing there is no panel of snarky American Idol judges itching to critique your performance. In fact, my experience is that fellow campers are among the most generous and helpful people you'll ever meet. I don't think I've ever pulled into a campsite without someone coming over and offering to help guide me in. Actually, one time I got pretty jack-knifed trying to back up a hill into a site and a guy very nicely asked if I wanted him to back it in for me.

The other great thing about getting out among the other trailer folk in a campground is seeing the different mods and equipment they've accumulated to make trailer camping easier and more fun, everything from outdoor games to cool storage and appliance solutions. Take a notepad and pen and write down the things you forgot or want to add to your next outing.

Also, though it has not been as active in the past six months as it used to be, this forum contains a wealth of information on trailering in general and Sportsmen Classic trailers in particular. When you have time, check out the various topic areas in the forum. You can search for topics by keyword. Often you'll find that someone here has a solution or answer for your question.

Good luck, and welcome to the Sportsmen Classic family. They are great little trailers for the money.


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9:46 am
January 6, 2013

Mike & Diana

Lake Corpus Christi Texas


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Let me join in with a big fat WELCOME!

A good tip is to put together a checklist. One for "setup" and one for "breakdown". Assign some of the items between the family. Everyone will have a feeling of contribution. Change the items around periodically so all know how to do as much as possible. That's how little campers become big ones. Once you have it on paper I believe you'll see how easy it is and won't have that sinking feeling you're going to forget something…and you will for awhile. But just update your list as needed and before you know it you won't be using the checklist at all.

Another reco would be to reserve pull thru sites at first. Sure makes setup go easy. And you can work on the backing up when your ready.

Happy Camping!

8:31 am
January 7, 2013




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Welcome from sunny central Florida. I am sure you will enjoy your new toy.

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