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Finally got my Sportsman

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10:24 am
April 17, 2012



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After almost a year lurking I finally bought me a 2012 KZ Sportsman 19SB. We took it out Saturday and are very pleased. The only complaint I had was the mattress. That thing is hard. We put in a queen size air mattress over the extsting mattress temporarily until we decide on adding memory foam or keeping the air mattress. I'll be hitting up you guys with lots of questions. Thanks in advance.

11:39 am
April 17, 2012


Petoskey, Michigan


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Nice choice of floor plan.  I just bought a new Escape 19SB last Friday.  They tested everything before sending me on my way.  So, it was un-winterized.  Last night we had 28 degrees, wind, and a little snow here in northern tip of lower Michigan.  I went out first thing and ran the hot water heater just in case.

I put a polyurethane coating on the counters and table top as well as the shower walls.  The salesman warned me to dry off shower walls after showing with the implication that if not they would deteriorate.  He said they were a little "porous".  Others on this site have said that its a good idea to recaulk shower seams to be safe.  As for the counter tops, I've had damage to another trailer from water running across to the edge molding and finding its way down into the particle board subsurface.  Plus, an extra coat of surface protection has got to be a good thing.

A nice thing about the 19SB is the dump valve placement ahead of the axle.  You don't have to worry about dragging tail and ripping it off as has happened to a few (so I've read) with valves farther to the rear.

2012 Spree Escape E19SB, 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab, 4×4, 5.3 engine, tow package, 3.73 axle, no wdh or sway control (truck weighs a lot more than trailer and I drive slowly).

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