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What do you tow with your minivan?

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9:25 am
January 3, 2012


Richland Center, WI


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Hello all . . . . Happy New Year!

My wife, Jean, and I currently own a 14RB that we've been towing with a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country minivan with the factory tow package and the 3.8L V6.  The vehicle handles it like a dream and we've had zero issues with the setup.  Question is:  How many of you tow with a similar minivan and WHAT do you tow?  We're considering moving up to one step bigger and that would mean the GVWR of the trailer will go from 2700 to 3500 pounds.  The vehicle we tow with is rated to pull 3800 pounds.  What has been your experience towing that kind of load with your minivan?  Thanks for any input.

Paul McManaway


10:36 am
January 3, 2012



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11:38 am
January 18, 2012



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I have the same rig but mine is a Grand Caravan. It pulls my 16bh just fine.  A trailer with a gross weight of 3500 lbs would make it easy to exceed the combined weight rating. I make my combined rating with 200 lbs to spare.

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