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Honda Pilot to tow a 17′ KZ Sportsmen Toy Hauler

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8:06 am
October 24, 2012


New Member

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Looking for some information on towing with a 2004 Honda Pilot AWD.  The Pilot has a towing weight of 3500 (4500 boat) and a 450 hitch weight.  We have decided on the 16FKTH Sportsmen toy hauler with a UVW of 2315.  Our ATV wet weight is 590. 

Has anyone used a Pilot for towing?  Thanks for any info!

3:09 pm
October 24, 2012

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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The Pilot has a robust chassis and powerful engine, and I've seen them pulling travel tailers on the road.  They've got a wide track, and I imagine it would handle decently.  Any idea why they say a boat and trailer can be 1000lbs heavier than any other combo?  Seems kinda strange to differentiate.  The combo you're talking about is well within your vehicle's limits, so I don't see why not.

Mike M.

2012 190 pulled by a 2011 F150 Supercab 3.7 2wd.

8:20 am
October 25, 2012




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You should ignore dry and unloaded weight ratings.  The GVWR of the TT is 3500 and that should be compared to your TV tow rating.  Since both are 3500lbs you should be able to tow that OK on level ground.

For comparison, I have a 2010 14RK with 2700GVWR and my TV is rated 5000TowRating.  I fear no road grade % and I am comfortable going up or down. 

I have been to the scales and my weights were TT axle – 2060, tongue 225 and total weight 6670.  My TV GCVWR is 10,000, so I am well under any and all weight ratings.  There is a certain peace of mind knowing that.



2010 14RK , 300W solar

5:49 pm
October 26, 2012


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Thanks to all for the information!  Smile

5:46 pm
December 27, 2012


Guelph, ON, Canada


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Been away for a while.  Sorry bout that.  

We tow with a 2004 pilot, and have not had any issues.  We have a sportsman 200, and we are pretty close to our maximum when we are loaded.  Install the tranny cooler and the power steering cooler.  Yu'll be glad you did.  Did mine myself with no issues.  I also beefed up the suspension with air bags for a little extra weight carrying capacity, and we have a weight distribution hitch and a sway bar.  Probably a bit of overkill, but I want to be safe on the road for my family and yours.

We love our 200 and our pilot.  Only looking for a bigger tow vehicle because after this year, we'll be upgrading our trailer to something bigger for our growing family.

pilots are great vehicles.  We love ours.

7:48 am
December 28, 2012


Richland Center, WI


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Regarding the extra 1,ooo pounds if towing a boat and trailer.  The difference is the lower wind resistance of a boat and trailer versus the typical "brick" travel trailer.

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