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Wheel Hub Temperature

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12:59 pm
March 29, 2014



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I noticed the hubs on my 14rb were hot upon returning from a recent trip. So I had the bearings repacked locally but when I pulled it back home, they were hot again. After they cooled down, I turned down my break control and pulled it on back streets with no breaks. My infrared thermometer said temps were in teh 70's. I turned the breaks back to normal setting and towed on back streets and the temps went to the 90's. I pulled on the highway and temps went to 124 on the left and 140 on the right. After being parked 20 minutes, more heat from the brake drums transferred to the right hub and it went up to 153. Are these temps in an acceptable range or am I courting a problem?

4:36 pm
November 11, 2014

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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Hmmm, interesting.  I'm not sure what "normal" constitutes in this case, but I'm a bit curious myself.  The fact that you disconnected the brakes and saw a 20* rise should indicate that it was the bearings warming up as you drive – not unusual I think as long as the brake shoes weren't touching the drums.  Then when you hooked the brakes back up you saw significantly higher temps, but again I'd say normal because that's what brakes do – generate heat – when they're called upon to work.  You've got me thinking a bit though, so in the spring when I'm back on the road again I'll do some tests with my infrared thermometer and check back in here.


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7:41 am
November 15, 2014


Soddy Daisy Tennessee


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a jack under the axle and a quick hand spin of the tire will speak volumes.  scraping sounds, excessive effort to spin the wheel, etc…

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