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That Dreaded Water Mess with the Shower?

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2:51 pm
March 19, 2012




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I finally figured out how I was getting water all over the floor, even with the triangular diverter glued to the edge of the tub.  I take "navy showers" where I turn the water off after wetting down and then turn it back on after I lather up to rinse off.  Well, I now have a clear shower curtain and could see when I turn the water "off" at the shower head and it still dribbles a little bit.  The water was running down the hose along the wall and running onto the edge of the tub.  It didn't take long for enough water to back up and get around the traingular dam and onto the floor.  Solution?   Turn the water off completely.

So it wasn't only the faucet neck being too short.  My new faucet worked well.  And I didn't really have the problem until, I turned the water "off" at the shower mainly because I hand hold the shower head to get wet – it's just not quite tall enough for me to get my hair wet.  Also the shower head doesn't always sit square in the holder but twists so the shower head is against the wall.

I'm slowly learning what's happening and will figure out solutions – besides the obvious towel on the floor next to the tub.

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9:57 pm
August 24, 2015



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I tried the triangle but that did not stop the water from traveling to the floor. I kept knocking the triangle loose when sitting on the side of the tub, so I removed the triangle. Here is the solution that works: when you park and level your trailer (I have a 14RB), place a level on the lip of the tub under the faucet. Raise the door or curb side of the trailer so the water runs to the (drivers side) wall instead of running toward the floor. This fixes the water on the floor problem 100% of the time. I raise the curb side of the trailer by backing the trailer onto a 2X6 board. Happy Camping!Smile

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