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Gas Furnace Issues

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4:50 pm
November 11, 2014

Mike M

SE Massachusetts


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Has anybody experienced any issues with their propane furnace?  Mine started acting up this year, and it would now have to classified as "unreliable".  Normal start-up is usually about 15 seconds of fan followed by ignition and then heat.  Sometime this summer it started running the fan for an excessive amount of time with no ignition.  On one trip I just gave up, then upon returning home I tried it and it started just as it should.  Convinced that it was just a fluke, I soldiered on, only to have the furnace not start several more times, then start perfectly fine at others.  There are also random time intervals between ignition events, and sometimes it takes two or three ignition attempts to get the flame going.  I downloaded the service manual from Suburban and conducted the troubleshooting checks of the blower, sail switch, etc.  I'm thinking module board at this point, and was curious if anyone had experienced anything similar with theirs?


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6:45 pm
December 26, 2014


Strawberry Plains, TN


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I dont have a furnance on my model. I just use a small ceramic heater with a theromostat…I dont boondock. Good luck in finding out a fix.

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