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LED TV installation in 16BH

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5:56 pm
July 8, 2014



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I just wanted to share my custom installation of a 19 inch RCA LED TV inside my 16BH. Because I can't wall mount the TV because of the thin luan wall, I deciced to modify a 3-way LCD computer monitor desk mount and screw it on the countertop. I begin by cutting the "U" bracket that clamp on the desk and drill three hole to screw it flat.

The two rear screw through the countertop directly in the hardwood frame under (2 inch #10 wood screws) and the front is a 1-1/2 inch bolt/nuts through the countertop. This is extremely strong! The mount is from Monoprice and cost under 20$. Monoprice also sell through for canadian customer (free shipping).

The only thing I need to install is a strap to keep the TV flat on the wall while traveling.

The small black box under the TV is a digital media player from Philips (paied 20$… who play any filetype on a USB drive).

Here's a few pictures :

2011 KZ Sportsmen Classic 16BHrn2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE CVP

4:22 pm
November 11, 2014

Mike M

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Nice looking installation, SimmZ.  I also put a TV in my 190 a couple of years ago:…..n-the-190/   I'm curious about that little USB box you've got there.  What do you typically do with it?


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