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HELP Need extra counter space

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7:29 am
October 14, 2013


Miami Gardens


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I have a  Sportsman Classic 13FK that I love. Currently using a NuWave mini oven & Nu Wave stove. I need a bit more counter space. Thinking about cutting into the space below the counter and above the cabinets to install a slide out shelf. Has anyone done anything like that? Also considered a snap on shelf made of closet wire so I can just snap it on when cooking and put it away after. Both appliances are light weight not more than 3 lbs.  Friend said his mother had one in her kitchen in the 40's called a bread board just slide in and out of the counter. He said if I cut into the cabinet below counter and install what I want the bouncing of the trailer will damage the counter top??  Using both appliances on the counter plus utensils & a coffee pot doesn't leave much space to work with. Any IDEAS of how I can do this. I've done lots of modifications and love coming up with something new. Thanks in advance..hopefully you can help..Surprised Nancy

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7:46 pm
October 17, 2013


Strawberry Plains, TN


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Im not one for cutting into my trailer, heck, I dont even put a nail in to hang anything. I looked at your layout and pictures of a 13fk and my only suggestion would be to mount a shelf above your counter and place your appliances up there. You could even hang a shelf up with chains so you could take it down when you dont need it. Ive seen members on here hang toaster ovens with chains, why not a shelf? Any mods I do to my trailer I try and make them non permanate as possible so hopefully when I sell it it will be as original as possible. I know looking at used trailers when I see some of the mods its a real turn off…each person has their own taste I guess. Good Luck with your dilemma and let us know what solution you came up with :)

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