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A/C blows in face sleeping KZ190 ???

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11:57 am
August 28, 2013


Ocala, Florida


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Haven't seen this problem addressed before. We have a 2012 KZ sportsmen Classic 190.  The a/c is about center of the rv roof but closest to the bed.  When turned on it blows down on my face and prevents me from sleeping !   I try and manuever the leuvers but no matter what it still directly hits me or hits the wall and then down on me.  We have put an extendable shower curtain rod across the rv with about 12″ curtains to try and stop the direct hit, but it isn't the perfect solution.  Has anyone else run across this?  How did you modify the situation! Thanks for any help.  (keeping the a/c off is not an option since we camp in Florida etc.)  thanks!!

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