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BBQed appetizer

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10:20 am
June 21, 2010


Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada


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-Jalepeno's (enough for anyone eating them)

-1 block cream cheese

-shredded Jalepeno cheese

- crushed garlic to taste

-1 lb thin slice bacon

- BBQ rub or seasoning


cut the tops off the jalepeno's and deseed and devein them, with cream cheese at room temperature combine garlic and both cheeses. Stuff the peppers with the cheese mix and wrap bacon around the pepper start by folding bacon over the top opening that has been filled with the cheese mix and then continue wrapping around pepper secure bacon with toothpics. sprinkle with BBQ rub and I add brown sugar.

cook over medium high heat until bacon is crispy.


12:38 pm
November 30, 2010



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i had these at a restaurant recently, with a little twist.  They cut the pepper in half, put in cream cheese, laid a little smokie sausage in, then wrapped in bacon.  i haven't tried to make them, but next time i fire up the smoker, i hope to.

i have had them your way, too, and they are very good!!


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