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Generator for 16BH

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8:11 am
July 27, 2010


San Antonio, TX


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Hi Climb,

My dry camping power plans are …

Replace current deep cycle battery with a pair of Trojan 6 volt 225AH bat's.
Install a pair of 100 watt (minimum) solar panels.
Install a charge control system/battery monitor.
Possibly install or replace power inverter if needed.

I've considered getting that Honda generator, but the cost is a bit more than I wanted to spend. The whole solar power rig costs about the same as the generator alone, but you can't run the AC on it. I may still wind up getting the generator as well if time and money permit. I've read nothing but great things about them. The number one thing I've read over and over is to anchor that thing securely because they can and do walk off mysteriously.


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